Something to think about

Last night I stayed up late as I was trying to figure out everything that comes with the concept of “blogging” and while browsing through several blogs I came across one particular post that caught my attention . The post was about the situation at the moment in Syria .

The blogger posted a video aswell and in case you might want to check it out , and I think you should , then just go to : Spiritual Cup . It’s not a long video , it’s 7 minutes something really , but it makes you think .

We all are aware of wars and everyone knows these wars are happening in some parts of the world as we speak , yet we forget so easily.

Take me for example.Few days ago I was quiet upset I couldn’t find a particular brand of cosmetic products at the drugstore. It might have seemed like it was the end of the world at that moment , but now that I think about it … How does that even compare with some things people who are living in the middle of a war zone go through ? How does that compare with living in constant fear ? I feel that it isn’t even right to talk about these two things in the same paragraph . My example is ridiculous , but honestly I can not think of any other example at all , as a matter of fact , that could even be considered as a comparison to what some people need to carry on their shoulders .

We can all agree that this applies to many , many of us living are usual , quiet lives . Of-course we have daily problems , but there’s nothing you could possibly compare to the situation of people living in countries like Syria.

Now , I’m asking you , isn’t that clearly enough reason to be grateful just a little bit ? Can we think about the fact that we wake up in the morning and don’t have to worry about our families being attacked by troops ? Or that we don’t have to worry about our neighborhood being bombed ? We enjoy long , relaxing baths while others might be dying of thirst.
We take so many things for granted in life and take so little time to appreciate what we have been blessed with.

Be grateful.You might not have the world , but that which you do have could mean the world for someone else .


9 responses to “Something to think about

  • Antony Lee Broad

    Not to start a war on your blog, but what is happening in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and Palestine, and many other countries which go unreported by the mainstream media, seem to all have strong ties to religious belief, whatever belief that may be. In my humble opinion, religion poisons everything.

    None of those children deserve to die, yet from the moment they’re conceived, in many cases, war and religion are the only two constants they know. How sad, that in this day and ages,when we have scientific reason and knowledge for incidents that occur, religion still dominates the belief system of many groups of people.

    On behalf of every victim of religious atrocities, I bow my head in sorrow.

    • bbeatriicee

      I’m an extremely calm person , so I wouldn’t even consider going into a “blog-war” haha. I also accept that we all have different opinions and you’re more than welcome to express yours .

      • Antony Lee Broad

        Oh, I didn’t mean I would fight with you, I thought other readers might get upset by my comments. Thank-you for being open minded, I look forward to many more posts from you. I’m very intrigued so far :)

  • thelegend7972

    Any opportunist, criminal, or so called leader using the name of any religion in obtaining their devilish agendas does not mean, religion is the reason of all the chaos. It surely is craving for more and more money and power.

  • Antony Lee Broad

    I agree that religion isn’t responsible, but we are. However, it is widely used as a reason for actions among those who subscribe to it. “Widely” does not mean completely. But “widely” does mean I think it should be blamed.

  • Vinny

    War in general is just stupid. There is never a “winner” just one side that thinks they are better. I hate politics lol But really good post, we really do take so much for granted!

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