– Home – Definition .

home (noun) – the place where one lives especially as a member of a family / household .

This is the definition of the word home you can find in most dictionaries . However , for me , this word has a completely different meaning.

Home is when after a bad day I get to pick up the phone and call my grandmother . Her voice reminds me instantly of my childhood. It reminds me of the summer holidays I spent with her . The feeling of those hot , lazy , summer days come back for a second and everything feels better.

Home is when I prepare one of my moms recipes and even though it doesn’t taste 100 % like her cooking ( because that’s impossible haha ) , I still feel as if she’s in the kitchen with me.

It felt like home earlier today when I dropped of a small packet for my mom at the post office , because I could imagine myself being with her when she opens it. It felt like home because I knew how happy she will be when she gets it, finding inside a few of her favorite stuff .

Home is not where one permanently lives , it’s what makes you feel comfortable , appreciated and loved . It’s what makes you feel safe .

There’s a lot of things that make me feel like home , even though I’m miles away . There’s also a lot of definitions for this word . It varies from person to person which one of these definitions they choose or which one they feel is the most accurate for them . So find those things that make you feel like home.


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