Old habits die hard

If there’s something I really hate, that’s definitely gossip. It always annoyed me how some people think it’s alright to make assumptions, to add or to take away some parts of a persons actual story and then simply pass it on from one to another. Eventually it all turns into one of those Spanish soap operas. Not to mention the fact that by the time they finish altering the story, the only thing that’s actually true is that you are the main character.

Recently I went back home for a short holiday. Well let’s just say that I didn’t even get my right foot out of the plane , people in my hometown already knew what changes I made to my hair, what clothes I was wearing, what book I was reading and the list could go on. How do they do that? Don’t ask me.

I also realized that people have expectations from me. It’s like I have to go to every single person I know individually and write a small report on what I’ve been doing in the past months. And if by any chance, my plans or actions don’t correspond to their standard list of things I should be doing, well then I have to brace myself because the next best thing they can think of is to discuss my good or bad choices (in small groups of three preferably).

I’m a very self-conscious person and I’ve always tried so hard to please everyone, but thankfully I have learnt that it’s impossible and exhausting. While I try to live up to someone else’s expectations, I forget what I want and what I need.

No, I don’t have the best job that’s out there (I didn’t dream about being a business center receptionist all my life), but it’s a job and it’s fine for now.
No, I still didn’t make up my mind about universities or what studies I should take up, but I will get there as well.
No, I don’t go out to party every Friday/Saturday night, because I hate crowds and London is an expensive city to live in (in case you haven’t heard). I’d much rather meet a few friends for coffee and do some catching-up, without having to shout like a crazy person and still not understand one word because of the loud music.
Finally, yes, sometimes I do eat cereals even for dinner because I’m tired and cannot be bothered to cook (I like cereals anyway).

And if someone doesn’t like that, well to be honest, life doesn’t stop there. People should mind their own business and you should learn how NOT to give a fuck.


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