Looking back to the person I used to be 2 years ago, I realize how much I’ve changed. Most people call this simply growing up, becoming mature, but I would like to disagree. I know I’m only 19 and still have so many things to learn, but I have grown up a long time ago. Certain situations, circumstances made me. Life doesn’t give you a choice. It happens when it happens.

I think there’s a small difference though between those two things, between growing up and becoming a better person basically. My general outlook on life, my morals, my values have all become the exact opposite of what they used to be. I’m not saying I was a terrible person, but I was definitely heading towards the wrong direction.

Probably this is the main reason why I chose to leave some things behind, to take time to know myself, to understand life better, to see the things that really matter. And at that time I felt the only way I could truly do this was by moving to another country, leaving good and bad friends behind, leaving family behind , changing everything that could be changed really.

I know it might sound a bit dramatic and radical to some of you, but so many things were stopping me from becoming who I needed to be. I had enough of pretending to be someone else.

Even though it might seem difficult at times, you have to make sacrifices in order to achieve your goals, to get rid of those boundaries. In the end it’s all worth it.

So do whatever you need to do. Make those changes, take risks and expect the unexpected.


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