Time is one our most valuable assets. Most of us fail to make the most of it and I, well I am an expert at it that’s for sure.I realized this in the past couple of months, when not having enough time, became everyday life.You can really buy time when you run out of it, can you?

I love writing.I love the way the tip of the pen touches the paper. This gentle sound that makes me feel so calm, so safe as nothing or no one ever will. It’s such a shame I can’t enjoy this peace as often as I would like to.

Time.. Time to read, to write, time to spend with my grandmother. I would pay so much attention to every word she would utter. I would let it sink into my mind, deep. Every advice she’d give, the intonation of her sentences. Her big blue eyes. Her soft features, that seem to be untouchable by the years that pass by so quickly, yet every now and then she says she’s tired. Her smile, me smiling back and my mother watching us, knowing that we understand each other without words.

Hours, minutes, seconds spent with my mom.. I’m thinking in half sentences now, because all these images keep flashing in and all of them mean so much to me.

I remember a couple of years ago, on a hot and dusty, suffocating Romanian summer night (because that’s how summer feels like back home), me and my mom sitting outside on the porch, talking for hours.. She always said everything will be alright. I didn’t believe her, not back then. She believed for both of us though, Like always. She still does. Strongest person I know! I should tell her that more often.

It’s strange how time works. How I waste so much of it on all the things I shouldn’t . Things that make me feel good for the moment, then leave me with regrets the next day. Cheap distractions trying to confuse me. But I guess everything in life happens for a reason. Even these distractions have their purpose.

Time is priceless. You cannot save any for “rainy days”. You cannot freeze it or pause it. If it goes by, it’s gone for good. You never get is back


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