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Time is one our most valuable assets. Most of us fail to make the most of it and I, well I am an expert at it that’s for sure.I realized this in the past couple of months, when not having enough time, became everyday life.You can really buy time when you run out of it, can you? Continue reading


My (gap) year ?

I graduated from highschool in July 2012
and this is my gap year .

First things first ,  after graduation almost everyone in my year (by some sort of a miracle) knew which university or college they are going to attend . When I say they knew , I mean they were probably influenced by parents , friends or other circumstances .Because that is what’s happening in my country at the moment .  We don’t choose higher education because we want to perfect ourselves in a particular field , no .. we often go to university just because .. well just because we can . And I don’t see things like that . Continue reading

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