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Time is one our most valuable assets. Most of us fail to make the most of it and I, well I am an expert at it that’s for sure.I realized this in the past couple of months, when not having enough time, became everyday life.You can really buy time when you run out of it, can you? Continue reading



Looking back to the person I used to be 2 years ago, I realize how much I’ve changed. Most people call this simply growing up, becoming mature, but I would like to disagree. I know I’m only 19 and still have so many things to learn, but I have grown up a long time ago. Certain situations, circumstances made me. Life doesn’t give you a choice. It happens when it happens. Continue reading

Hello :)

Soo , this is it , I suppose .. me starting a blog . I knew that eventually I would start writing down things that happen in my life , but I never considered a blog to be honest . Continue reading

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