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Time is one our most valuable assets. Most of us fail to make the most of it and I, well I am an expert at it that’s for sure.I realized this in the past couple of months, when not having enough time, became everyday life.You can really buy time when you run out of it, can you? Continue reading


They say you should leave the past behind.

They say you should leave the past behind , but can you really do that in certain situations? 

Well let’s consider the next scenario (quite popular one) : parents divorce , child stays with the mother , the father for unknown reasons ( unknown for me at-least) decides to stop all forms of communication with the child.  (long story short)

In my family this happened years ago (12 years ago to be precise) , so by now it doesn’t bother me at all (just to be clear) . I don’t get angry or sad when I get reminded of it by people , by places , by situations etc. But you do have some unanswered questions , some doubts , which will stay with you for quite a while . Why do I say this ? Continue reading

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